Lieut. (Retd) Shalabh Agrawal, IN

Experience has no substitute

37 Years of Operational Excellence

PGDM (Int'l Trade), SPHRi, CPTP, HRBP, GPWPPC, PITA, HRD Auditor
Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

About Me

Time to give back

10 years in the armed forces and 27 years in the business world, it has been an amazing journey. Information technology became a predilection as far back as 1989. Coupled with management expertise and a strong inclination towards process, system driven organisation, I have lead companies towards success as CEO/Director in IT, Edtech, Manufacturing and Agrotech sectors.

It's now time to give back...  

Areas of Expertise

By virtue of having been in the IT field since 1989 and then graduating simultaneously into operational/business excellence, human resource management, I feel fortunate to be able to offer a bouquet of services and products as detailed below.


Operational Excellence

Achieve upto 21% increase on productivity with existing manpower and resources in just 16 weeks. This highly structured program has 6 modules and is implemented in 3 phases.

People Practices

Any organisation is all about the people that make up that organisation. I design and guide implementation of customised people practices to attract and retain talent.


Diagnose the three essential elements of high productivity: Communication, Coordination and Cooperation. I have personally used these tools and experienced amazing results.

Trainings and Courses

Entrepreneurial Success

Starting a business is not easy. This gruelling program helps entrepreneurs to avoid common pitfalls and build a successful business in a structured manner.

Financial Intelligence

This workshop demystifies common financial documents, terms for you to correctly gauge your company’s performance and make better decisions.

Psychometric Assessments

For Businesses

These assessments allow businesses to hire the right people, understand organisation culture, employee engagement levels and more to help bring in the right 'Change'.

For Education

Leadership style assessment in education, interpersonal behaviour and transactional styles of teachers, counsellors is what differentiates educational institutions.

Designed with passion

Information Technology Products

Education Institute Management System

A complete system that any institution will ever need. 30+ modules to take care of almost every aspect of working.


Customer Relationship Management System

A great fir for small businesses to manage projects, leads, customers, estimates, invoices, tasks and much more.