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Lieut. (Retd) Shalabh Agrawal
Indian Navy

My name is Shalabh Agrawal. I served the Indian Navy from 1985 to 1996. Even though the stint was short yet I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to serve this elite force. I have had the privilege of flying HJT 16 trainer jets, served onboard warships of the Eastern and Western fleets, served as Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of the state of Orissa among other challenging appointments. My service specialisation was in Electronic Warfare and Communications.

In 1989, I became passionate about Information Technology and pursued it as an entrepreneurial venture after leaving the Navy. After 11 years of IT entrepreneurship, I transitioned into the corporate world and served as CEO/Director for various companies in industries such as Manufacturing, Edtech, Agrotech, Telecom, and Fertilizer.

Through my experience leading companies, I have come to understand that the success of any business is dependent on its People and HR practices. Expensive systems and processes alone do not drive business results; it is the relationships and work culture of the people behind the scenes that make the difference. I firmly believe that “Right People on the Bus” is key, a sentiment echoed by management gurus like Dave Ulrich, Simon Sinek, Marshall Goldsmith, and Jim Collins.

My extensive certifications and training have focused on creating a culture of excellence and self-managed teams within organizations, which I have successfully implemented with consistent results. I am particularly proud of my individual recognition from the Great Place to Work India Institute for the people practices I instituted as CEO in a company.

My consulting methodology centers around ‘the Human Factor,’ utilizing practical interventions, systems, and processes that I have personally employed and that are followed by Fortune 500 companies to this day. I place great importance on diagnostics at the organizational, departmental, and individual levels to identify the root cause of any issues rather than just treating the symptoms. This inclusive approach allows me to design business-specific custom interventions that are monitored, impact analyzed, and tweaked for the best long-term results. Click here to learn more about my approach.

My Certifications


Senior Professional in Human Resource (International)

HRCI, California USA


Certified Psychometric Test Professional



Human Resource Busineess Partner

SHRM, India


Great Place to Work People Practice Certification

GPW India Institute



Psychometric Test Inventory & Application

MEHR, India


HRD Auditor

Certified HRD Auditor

TVRLS, India